Explore Essex

Population: 20,427 (2016)

Welcome to Essex.  The largest community located in the center of Essex County whose borders extend to the sandy north shores of  Lake Erie.  The town of Essex consists of 4 communities:  Essex Centre, Harrow, Colchester and McGregor and boasts some of the most affordable housing prices in Country. You won’t miss out on any conveniences when you’re located just a quick 30 minute commute from the city of Windsor and the Detroit borders.  Essex County is uniquely situated on the 42nd parallel, a circle of latitude shared with northern California,Central Italy and the French Riviera and when you're just about as far south mainland in the country as you can go so the summers are hot and the winters are some of the mildest in Canada. The Essex region boasts the longest growing season in the entire country and it shows in the quality of produce grown locally and distributed to restaurants and food vendors around the region. Discover a rich and authentic rural experience inspired by rich farmland, rustic art and agriculture. Choose from nine wineries and be pleasantly surprised as you travel through vineyards, orchards, and farms just minutes from our lakeside. Pack a picnic and enjoy a day at the beach, partake in your choice of three beautiful golf courses, Cycle for miles on the Cypher Systems Group Greenway or the Chrysler Canada Greenway. A community committed to health, safety and culture.

Some Things in Essex That You Won’t Want to Miss:

Maple Syrup Festival

Fly a Kite Day

Colchester Walleye Fishing Derby

McGregor Music Festival

Essex Fun Fest

Explore the Shore

Essex County Steam and Gas Engine Show

Harrow Fair

McGregor Mug Run and International Beer Fest

Harvest and Horses Festival

Essex Train Show

Colio Estate Winery

Cooper's Hawk Vineyard

Colchester Ridge Estate Winery

Erie Shore Vineyard

Muscedere Vineyards

North 42 Degrees Estate Winery

Oxley Estate Winery

Paglione Estate Winery

Viewpointe Estate Winery

Colchester Harbour Park,

Historic Essex Railway Station

John R. Park Homestead.

Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village.

Oxley Beach Golf Course

Sutton Creek Golf Club.

Wildwood Golf & RV Resort

Colchester Harbour